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Selling Your Home In The Bay Area

October 29 2018
October 29 2018

Choosing to place your home for sale is a major financial decision for you and your family. Whether you are planning to relocate, downsize, or trade-up, you will need proper guidance and assistance - especially if this is the first home you have put on the market. We'd love to help!  Here are some of the tools and resources we use to sell your home:



CMA (Competitive Marketing Analysis) is used to review the current condition in the real estate market in your area. This includes recent home sales, current properties on and off the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), and how your home compares.Pricing analysis doesn’t end with a CMA, K&A uses it vast network of industry contacts to get detailed information on recent activity that doesn’t appear on the MLS. As much as 30% of transactions do not appear on the MLS.


Selling strategies

Selling strategies are used to improve the chances of your property being sold. The SF Bay area can be unpredictable and things can move very fast. That's why we share our knowledge and years of experience on the best way to prepare  and price your home, when to put your home on the market and whether you should list your home as an exclusive listing or market via MLS. And of course, we can also help you manage the process of purchasing your next home.


Every home has specific features that can be used to make it stand out and increase the chances of the property being sold at the optimal price. This requires a careful understanding of the art of selling a home. That's where we come in. We can help you achieve your financial goals through the transaction while keeping the process stress-free. When we say “we take care of everything”, we mean it.



We know what the buyer expectation for every price point in our market is, and we will advise you as to how to bring your home to market, to show its best. It may be as extensive as, remodeling bathrooms and or the kitchen, or just painting and refreshing the carpeting. Landscaping is important and we will identify and execute the key updates that will make your property sparkle. Every situation is unique, and we know exactly what will bring you the best return in your investment.


Staging and Photography

Once your home is ready to go on the market, staging can make a world of difference to your final outcome. . Potential buyers' can react quickly and emotionally to what they see in the home -- how inviting the home is, the colors and the livability are all on a buyer’s conscious and subconscious radar screen. Professional staging helps to leverage this. For example, the most effective  staging utilizes welcoming, yet not over-sized furniture, enhancing a room’s size. Decorating touches accentuate design features and details. Staging can make the difference between a potential buyer spending time and imagining their new life in the home versus immediately leaving for the next listing. Once the staging is done, it’s important to invest in professional photos of the property, inside and out. We use an architectural photographer who specializes in real estate, ensuring that the home we are listing is shown in its best light and from all angles. We also often produce video tours of the homes we list, furthering its marketability.


We have a sophisticated approach for sophisticated clients. As a boutique real estate company, every service we provide must be exceptional. Our personalized approach is tailored to clients who understand that it takes a dedicated partner to achieve their real estate goals — whether buying or selling. Since 1979, Kerwin & Associates has been committed to exceeding our clients' expectations every time. We at Kerwin & Associates have the experience and the assets to help you in all your real estate needs. We have the expertise needed to help you with all your real estate ventures and it would be our privilege to work with you.


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Abby Cannan

November 26, 2018 9:17 PM

A lot of people are buying and selling their properties all over the world and it's so much common . We can read information about the world's best places where we can buy a home and assignment assistance service is also helping us to know about that. People are very much interested for knowing every little thing about real esate.